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Some things we can help with

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Upload a document in one language and ask questions in another! Upload a guide to the Roman Colosseum in Italian, ask What are some things that I must see when I visit?, and get answers in English. Or upload a document in English and get answers in the language of your choosing.

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Create your own personal study buddy by uploading your course notes. You can ask questions like summarize the character interactions in King Lear, or explain cell mitosis in simple terms and Mai Tai will draw on your notes when providing answers.

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Technical support

Get immediate technical support for your home appliances by uploading product manuals. Upload your TV manual and ask how do I do a color calibration?. Or upload a washing machine manual and ask how can I reduce my energy consumption?.

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Information overload

Sometimes the answers you need are buried in mountains of text. Upload minutes from your local government's council meeting and ask who was involved in the decision to approve the new highway?. Or upload an academic paper and ask in three sentences or less, what conclusions did the paper find?.

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